Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
B.S. in Computer Science 2014

Professional Experience

Block, Inc. (formerly known as Square, Inc.)
April 2019 to February 2024
Senior Software Engineer
Remote - Colorado, US
  • Investigated, diagnosed, and made improvements to payments reliability across multiple services (primarily Java, some Go and Ruby).
  • Took a hackweek project and developed it from alpha to full GA product offering: Terminal API
  • Worked across multiple organizations to unblock development work and create needed functionality that was missing.
  • Mentored several junior engineers, bringing them from new graduate level to independent developers and software designers.
  • Created metrics framework and pipeline to track product success rates and overall revenue.
Bainbridge Health
March 2017 to January 2019
Software Engineer
Philadelphia, PA
  • Primary developer on a greenfield healthcare web platform and responsible for deploying it into production via Kubernetes.
  • Made significant improvements to a Python-based data processing workflow.
  • Developed a Vue-based web application for users to access and interact with their data.
  • Created various services to support core application functionality in Python and Go.
March 2014 to February 2017
Software Engineer
Philadelphia, PA
  • Full-stack software development (Scala, Angular.js) on a marketing and e-commerce platform used by over a thousand brands.
  • Wrote and maintained JavaScript (Backbone.js) modules and plugins that were installed on brand websites.
  • Ran and developed the on-call system by providing documentation, selecting tools, and defining the process.
  • Assisted the DevOps team with migration into a VPC while maintaining uptime during the upgrades.
  • Developed internal tooling: including a developer CLI application, a web application to manage project management tools, and many more.
WareSoft Solutions, Inc.
August 2013 to March 2014
Software Engineer
King of Prussia, PA
  • Made client requested improvements to an existing Oracle/Java Struts project, wrote User Acceptance Tests, and documentation for undocumented subsytems.
  • Helped develop new ASP.NET based project management software with client specific features and product design.
  • Ran and developed the on-call system by providing documentation, selecting tools, and defining the process.
  • Deployed new servers at work, including a SVN server for source code management and a new Linux based deployment server.
September 2011 to August 2013
Linux Developer
Wayne, PA
  • Developed and debugged desktop applications for the Linux operating system on both the x86 and ARM CPU architectures.
  • Used the QT C++ Libraries and other open source software to create a lightweight customized desktop environment.
  • Tested ICA, RDP, and VMWare View connections on Thin Client hardware in order to discover bugs and optimize performance.
  • Customized several open source packages to better fit the Thin Client environment, such as Firefox and FreeRDP.


Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, Rust, Scala, Shell, TypeScript
AWS, Ansible, BigQuery, Chef, Docker, DynamoDB, GCP, Kubernetes, Looker, MySQL, Packer, PostgreSQL, React, Redis, Spanner, Snowflake, SNS, SQS, Terraform, Vue